Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Olaz reviewed

I’m sure all of you know Olaz, or Olay as it is called in most countries. It’s a well known, worldwide skin care brand by Procter & Gamble. Michelle Phan even recommended their skin care products in one of her first videos. And I’m a huge Michelle Phan fan. I got sent some of their products, so let’s get started and take a look!

Left to right: Total Effects Touch of Foundation, Regenerist Eye Serum, Total Effects Tonic, Total Effects Cleansing Milk, Total Effects Touch of Sunshine & Total Effects Cleansing Wipes.

I was very excited about these products as they are anti-ageing and you can never start using anti ageing products too early on in life! I would say that night treatments are the most important as overnight your skin repairs itself the most and any aid given is very welcome.


The Total Effects Touch Of Foundation cream has a lovely texture with a gorgeous smell. It’s actually a day cream with a hint of foundation mixed in. The foundation used is by Max Factor, and I got the light version as I am very pale (for reference: I am a MAC Cosmetics NC20/25). It also has SPF 15, which is extremely important. No really, if you have a day cream or foundation without SPF I would recommend to get a separate cream with added to add to your routine. In the right hand picture you can see how it spreads out. It blends in easily and is a tad shiny. The coverage is very sheer, so if you’re looking for something that gives you flawless skin I would recommend opting for a separate day cream & foundation. As I am someone using foundation daily to conceal the redness in my face I’d prefer some more coverage in this. However, I’m totally saving this one for when it’s weekend tanning time. I know I’m a little crazy using foundation when it’s really sunny, so this cream/foundation version seems like a good in between solution.
I haven’t yet used the Total Effects Touch of Sunshine cream as I am saving this one for summer. I really don’t want my face to tan, so using a day cream with added mild bronzer seems like the perfect solution. More about this product in a few months.. 


The Total Effects Cleansing Milk (pictured left) has a very nice smell and a silky, soft texture. This is your first step in cleaning your face & getting rid of make up. Olaz/Olay recommends to use the tonic after, but I would add an extra step: wash your face with your favorite foaming cleanser to get rid of that last bit of make up/dirt. I’m not a fan of cleansing milk, but I reckon this one does a good job. 
The Total Effects Anti-Ageing Tonic has the best smell I ever discovered in a tonic. It seems to really refreshen my skin, but leaves a sticky finish. 
The Regenerist Lifting Eye Serum (pictured right) has a very smooth texture with a shiny, silky finish. It’s supposed to create a lift around the eyes and smoothes the area around your eyes. There’s no noticeable smell around this one. I’ve used it for a few times and didn’t notice any huge change. However, I don’t have any wrinkles/extra skin around my eye area. I guess I’m not the perfect lab test case for this product!

The Total Effects Cleansing Wipes are really amazing. I am definitely going to buy these again. The wipes have a ribbed texture and smell really nice. Also, there are no parabens in these which is very hard to find in cleansing wipes! The texture helps removing almost all make up. Also, the formula is very gentle on my eyes. 

Overall I am quite positive about these products: most of the time the smell is really nice and the products seem to do a good job. These products appear to be really popular online, mainly because of the excellent price compared to high-end anti-ageing products. The creams sell for about 19 euro (13 pounds) and the wipes go for 8 euro (5 pounds). I would really recommend the cream with a hint of foundation if you’re looking for sheer and light weight coverage during summer time & the cleansing wipes if you’ve been (as I am) looking for wipes without alcohol.

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