Friday, 24 February 2012

M.A.C Cosmetics for Mary Katrantzou

I really love this look M.A.C Cosmetics did for Mary Katrantzou’s show at AW12 London Fashion Week. The liner is so strong and edgy! It gives the model, whose got a very soft and friendly face, a very powerful look. 

Picture courtesy of MAC Cosmetics (as foun on their tumblr)

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Friday, 2 March 2012

There’s something new in my kitchen..

And it’s a Glossybox! 

In my box I got:

  • Koh Purifying Hand Tablet (one piece sample)
  • Shiseido Bio Performance Advances Super Revitalizing Cream (7ml sample)
  • Womanity by Thierry Mugler (sample)
  • Eyeko London Skinny Eyeliner in Dove Grey (full size)
  • L’Oreal Studio Secret Primer (full size)
  • Duwop Venom Gloss in Buttercup (full size)

I’m lucky enough to work for a company with offices in multiple countries. That’s how I’m able to order Glossybox Netherlands. I am very excited for the Belgium version of this box though, because now I’m always loads later than the Dutch girls as mine has to come over to Belgium first. 
I really like the February box! I already own Womanity (such a great scent) and now I’ve got a handy mini to carry with me in my bag! There are three full size products in this box, which makes a Glossybox really worth its money. I am already so excited for the March box!

Am I a Glossybox addict now?  

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Oh My MAC Goodness in March! (part 1)

There are three lovely MAC Make Up lines coming out this March. But today I will tell you about the MAC Shop/Cook Collection as it’s in stores as of.. this morning! Luckily I have a little shopping trip to the MAC store planned today. 


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A Hole In My Wallet: part one of a billion.

I bought/got these things over the last month. Pretty things, lovely things, ohmygoodie I love them! 

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oh My MAC Goodness in March! (part 2)

Tomorrow there’ll be some more of that delicious MAC Limited Edition goodness in the Belgian stores… Get ready for MAC x Chen Man

Chen Man is a Chinese fashion photographer and she’s making it big! She created some groundbreaking covers for Vision, China’s first avant-garde fashion magazine. For this MAC collection, the photographer was inspired by her fascination with love & water (hence the colours pink and blue).
I really, really love these products. Especially the eyeshadows! They are so, so pretty. Too bad I’ve bought just a tad too much make up lately, otherwise I would certainly go & buy the mineralize eyeshadow in the lovely pink shade “Supersweet”.  

The Prices:

  • Beauty Powder in Play It Proper € 24
  • Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in Supersweet Duo, Pink Union Duo & Love Cycle Duo € 19,50
  • Mascara in Zoom Fast Black Lash € 17,00
  • Fluidline in Blacktrack Solid & Waveline € 18
  • Reflects Gilitter in Reflects Blue € 18,50
  • Pigment in Naval Blue Deep € 21,00
  • Brow Set in Clear € 14,50
  • Lipstick in Force of Love & Budding Love € 18,00
  • Lipglass in Force of Love & Budding Love € 17,50
  • Nail Lacquer in Breezy Blue & Pinkly Fresh € 12,50
  • 208 Angled Brow Brush € 21,5

Hurry, hurry, hurry & get some tomorrow before it’s all sold out. 

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Big You Day

Today.. It was all about YOU at UPR (and actually today’s also about every other woman on this whole planet). It was so much fun & very informative! Check out the pictures & judge for yourself. image


I got all creative at ProNails using nail art markers, moon stickers & polishes. Their new collection is all about London, and what do you know? I’m also all about London. And since I miss the city loads I decided to make an I Heart London nail. And one with the flag, just because it’s much too obvious not to make it. I adore the nail art markers! It makes special nail art designs so much more easy. 


Watch my friend Tiffany (from the Flair website!) get all artsy at Swatch. I absolutely love the bright colours in this collection! My favorite is the Pink Lacquered Watch. Just because girls just have got to love pink! 

This display is just amazing! DKNY has once again come up with another version of the DKNY Delicious perfume. I immediately fell in love with this colorful display. And look at the gorgeous cupcakes! Right up my alley, indeed. The new line comes in three different variations: Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime & Creamy Lemon Meringue. The scents are very sweet (and that I adore!). In Belgium these’ll be exclusively available at Ici Paris XL.


Loved getting all crafty at Swarovski while sipping some pink bubbles. And check out these bright colored tights! Veritas is launching their own (budget!) line SOXI. Don’t you just love that bright yellow?


Coffee is for the soul. So when the friendly guy at Illy asked me to personalize a can of delicious illy espresso ground coffee, I knew exactly what to do. And the hearts? Well, without coffee there’d be no Isabelle. I love coffee. LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee.


Check out MAC Cosmetics heaven. All together now: Oh My God. By the way, check back  tomorrow for another MAC limited edition update. Can you say V E R A?

Thanks for the lovely iced tea (with loads of ginger!), which I enjoyed during the RITUALS session about their new fragrances (forgot to take a picture, so sorry!). They’ve got some very strong wood (I was going to say Woody, but then I’d need to drag in Buzz as well) scents, as well as a couple of very sweet scents. My favorite is fragrance No. 04, Violet + White Lily. 


And thank you for the lovely presents that warm my heart. image

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Learn to DIY: cleaning your brushes!

I had such good feedback on my previous DIY post about removing glittery nail polish. So I’m going to do more of these from now on.

Grab your dirty make up brushes, get a bowl of luke warm water, baby or brush shampoo and some paper towels. 

Take one of your brushes (the one featured here is Essence Of Beauty’s foundation brush) and place a dot of shampoo on the bristles. Don’t use too much or your brush will get all foamy and soapy. 

Then, dab your brush into the water. Don’t submerge it completely, otherwise the bristle glue will loosen! Just wet the bristles. 

Then, stroke your brush back and forth on a paper towel until no product comes off anymore. This sometimes takes a while, depending on how long it’s been since you’ve cleaned your brushes.

And then, after cleaning a batch of about 20 brushes, you get this. Icky, huh?

I would recommend cleaning your brushes as often as possible! But, I will admit, I’m a bit too lazy to do this daily as well. I am using ELF’s brush shampoo this time because I had it laying around and I’m trying to finish some products. But MAC’s brush cleaner is really amazing as well. Alternatively you could use some baby shampoo as it’s not too harsh. Whatever you do, don’t use regular shampoo! It’s much too strong for your delicate make up brushes.

After cleaning I’d recommend drying them upside down using a brush guard. Or make your own brush guard! I should do a DIY tutorial on that topic as well, shouldn’t I? 

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