Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Say No To Dark Circles!

I admit: I have the worst dark under-eye circles you’ll have ever seen. Sometimes I wake up & I think that nothing is ever going to be able to mask them. And then every time my three heroes prove me wrong. I’m very happy to introduce them to you, because from now on your dark circle days are over!

MAC’s Studio Finish SPF 30 Concealer has been there for me for years. You could almost take that literally, as I can’t seem to finish this little jar. You need that little to cover up the area! I use it two shades lighter than my foundation. Benefit’s Boi-Ing is something I discovered years ago while browsing Selfridges. Some online orders, some Selfridge orders and then some Carnaby Shop stops later, this product still makes my heart beat louder. The texture is a bit more creamy than MAC’s concealer & the product comes in three shades. I stick to number one and two, depending on which time of the year we’re in. And then last, but certainly not least, is Sampar’s Glamour Shot Eyes. This baby has been with me for two months now. I found it in an ELLE goodiebag I received at a party. This really does everything it says it does. I’ve been amazed looking at my circles diminish. They’re not completely gone (add some light concealing powder on top!) but they turn so much lighter & my skin feels much tighter. Bye bye puffiness, hello gorgeous!

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