Monday, 20 February 2012

Stylescrapbook & Kipling team up again!

I am absolutely in love with this camera bag. It would fit mine (well, the boyfriend’s) perfectly! I discovered this thanks to Sofie from How could I not have seen these perfect bags when they first came out last year? They supposably cost 99 euros, although I have seen blogs saying they will sell for 90.

Unfortunately my Blackberry just died on me, and I promised myself to get an iPhone when it does. I’ve been using my lovely Paris (that’s her nickname) for 25 months now. She’s got a pink cover to keep her safe. It’s kept her safe long enough, most Blackberry’s don’t even last a year. Anyhow, I’m going to have to miss out on these lovely camera bags because of this big spend. But if you want to go ahead and buy one, be sure to subscribe to Kipling email updates here. You’ll be notified when the online presale starts!

 Kipling camera bag by Style Scrapbook via Cocorosa/ Virginie Peny blog

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Big You Day

Today.. It was all about YOU at UPR (and actually today’s also about every other woman on this whole planet). It was so much fun & very informative! Check out the pictures & judge for yourself. image


I got all creative at ProNails using nail art markers, moon stickers & polishes. Their new collection is all about London, and what do you know? I’m also all about London. And since I miss the city loads I decided to make an I Heart London nail. And one with the flag, just because it’s much too obvious not to make it. I adore the nail art markers! It makes special nail art designs so much more easy. 


Watch my friend Tiffany (from the Flair website!) get all artsy at Swatch. I absolutely love the bright colours in this collection! My favorite is the Pink Lacquered Watch. Just because girls just have got to love pink! 

This display is just amazing! DKNY has once again come up with another version of the DKNY Delicious perfume. I immediately fell in love with this colorful display. And look at the gorgeous cupcakes! Right up my alley, indeed. The new line comes in three different variations: Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime & Creamy Lemon Meringue. The scents are very sweet (and that I adore!). In Belgium these’ll be exclusively available at Ici Paris XL.


Loved getting all crafty at Swarovski while sipping some pink bubbles. And check out these bright colored tights! Veritas is launching their own (budget!) line SOXI. Don’t you just love that bright yellow?


Coffee is for the soul. So when the friendly guy at Illy asked me to personalize a can of delicious illy espresso ground coffee, I knew exactly what to do. And the hearts? Well, without coffee there’d be no Isabelle. I love coffee. LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee.


Check out MAC Cosmetics heaven. All together now: Oh My God. By the way, check back  tomorrow for another MAC limited edition update. Can you say V E R A?

Thanks for the lovely iced tea (with loads of ginger!), which I enjoyed during the RITUALS session about their new fragrances (forgot to take a picture, so sorry!). They’ve got some very strong wood (I was going to say Woody, but then I’d need to drag in Buzz as well) scents, as well as a couple of very sweet scents. My favorite is fragrance No. 04, Violet + White Lily. 


And thank you for the lovely presents that warm my heart. image

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#wijvenweek Day 2

So the second theme of #wijvenweek (#womensweek) is ‘guilty pleasures & your weakest sides’. My guilty pleasure is overspending and eating. So I’ll just fill you in about my latest splurge. Oh dear it really was a splurge. Did I need this bag? No. Did I buy this bag? Yes. Oh yes, I did. It’s here & it’s mine: my large black Stylescrapbook x Kipling camera bag. (AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT) 

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Monday, 30 April 2012

My Favorite Unexpected Finds - PR Days AW12

As it was such a busy day for me juggling PR bureau visits, work & an event, there aren’t that many pictures available. Beauty products worth getting looked into will be talked about in later, seperate posts. For now, just take a look at these babies. 



imageThis is GOODWILL. They call themselves A World of Enchanting Decoration, and by heaven they are! 

imageAnd this lovely denim shirt is by River Island. Can I pre-order, please?

imageI’m such a Vans girl. When I used to live in London I worked in Carnaby Street, which is also home of the Vans store. Ahh, such a lovely shop. Take a look at these colorful babies! I’m getting kind of Londonsick now.

imageAnd this expensive clutch I found at PR Style. I forgot the brand. If anyone of you should remember: please enlighten me!

& don’t forget: tomorrow is the last day the "Win A Hint Of Summer"-contest is open. I will pick a winner on Wednesday! 

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sunny Runny Days

The sun has finally come through, which has really put me into such a chipper mood the last few days! Barbecues came and went, some (sensible & healthy!) tan was acquired & loads of strawberries were munched. I’ve also really been loving the color yellow, probably because of my new Nike Free sneakers in which I can finally go jogging in the evening (I don’t run in the cold or rain, I know I’m such a baby). So go for yellow this summer! On your nails (pictured here: Chanel-Mimosa & OPI-It Colour), on your feet or dangling ‘round your wrists (I’m on a hunt for those braided wrist bands in neon colours!). 

So let me tell you about these new yellow darlings! A few weeks ago I was invited for an after work event. Little did I know that I was actually invited for a Nike Run Free City Game (close friends of mine will already start giggling now) through Antwerp! My best friend was also invited & we teamed up for a run through Antwerp. Nike was kind enough to gift us these gorgeous Nike Free Run+3 shoes, which are super light & flexible to make your running experience extra 'free'! My old running shoes are also Nike, but quite heavy. And I must say.. these new yellow babies have replaced the old ones! Although we came in last (hey, winning isn’t everything), we had loads of fun & finished the day in gorgeous sneakers eating fruit brochettes. What’s not to love?

(hey, if you eat loads of pies, biscuits &  cupcakes like I do: you gotta start running. trust me!)

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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Presents For Myself

So I totally decided to allow myself this luxurious (but still budget!) treat. I wasn’t going to shop until my city trip to London within 4 weeks, but I couldn’t resist. I spotted these bracelets on Sofie’s blog a while ago & saw them come back in a lot of her outfits. I have checked several times at Mango & this week I finally found them. These are the perfect summery festival bracelets! I love the tassles on the ends, it makes them so playful. I wear all three at the same time. And there’s no real reason for the nail polish, except for that every girl needs a Chanel nail polish (and a Chanel lipstick, but we’ll get around to that later on).

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