Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Big You Day

Today.. It was all about YOU at UPR (and actually today’s also about every other woman on this whole planet). It was so much fun & very informative! Check out the pictures & judge for yourself. image


I got all creative at ProNails using nail art markers, moon stickers & polishes. Their new collection is all about London, and what do you know? I’m also all about London. And since I miss the city loads I decided to make an I Heart London nail. And one with the flag, just because it’s much too obvious not to make it. I adore the nail art markers! It makes special nail art designs so much more easy. 


Watch my friend Tiffany (from the Flair website!) get all artsy at Swatch. I absolutely love the bright colours in this collection! My favorite is the Pink Lacquered Watch. Just because girls just have got to love pink! 

This display is just amazing! DKNY has once again come up with another version of the DKNY Delicious perfume. I immediately fell in love with this colorful display. And look at the gorgeous cupcakes! Right up my alley, indeed. The new line comes in three different variations: Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime & Creamy Lemon Meringue. The scents are very sweet (and that I adore!). In Belgium these’ll be exclusively available at Ici Paris XL.


Loved getting all crafty at Swarovski while sipping some pink bubbles. And check out these bright colored tights! Veritas is launching their own (budget!) line SOXI. Don’t you just love that bright yellow?


Coffee is for the soul. So when the friendly guy at Illy asked me to personalize a can of delicious illy espresso ground coffee, I knew exactly what to do. And the hearts? Well, without coffee there’d be no Isabelle. I love coffee. LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee.


Check out MAC Cosmetics heaven. All together now: Oh My God. By the way, check back  tomorrow for another MAC limited edition update. Can you say V E R A?

Thanks for the lovely iced tea (with loads of ginger!), which I enjoyed during the RITUALS session about their new fragrances (forgot to take a picture, so sorry!). They’ve got some very strong wood (I was going to say Woody, but then I’d need to drag in Buzz as well) scents, as well as a couple of very sweet scents. My favorite is fragrance No. 04, Violet + White Lily. 


And thank you for the lovely presents that warm my heart. image

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

A lil’ something extra on my nails

Yesterday I went to this girly girly event where you could get your manicure done at an OPI  manicure bar powered by BeautyQueen. Of course they had brought the Holland Collection polishes with them! I asked for a mani with Pedal Faster Suzi, a gorgeous shimmery light pink. I love the color so much I intend to buy it if it’s still available when my shopstop ends. 
Today I wanted to add a little extra touch to these girly nails and decided to add Pronails’ white moon stickers. I love the effect! Be sure to add two layers of top coat when you add these stickers. A girly lady, moi?


(don’t mind the shape of my nails, I really need to find the time to head to BeautyQueen and get a full manicure!)

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter On My Nails

Thank you sunny day for inspiring me to do this nail art. Now I’ll feel bubbly all weekend! 

So what did I use to create this tiny bit of easter nail heaven? A whole lot! 

The List:
 Chanel Le Vernis in 577 Mimosa
 Pronails in N°269
 Fitflop in Powder Pink
 OPI Nail Lacquer in San Tan-Tonio
 ONLY YOU Nail Colour in 383 Wasabi
 Nail Paint by Barry M in 279 Bright Pink
 ONLY YOU Nail Colour in 313 Miss Bikini
 Essence Tip Painter in White
 Elf in Black
 Pronails Nail Art Marker in Orange


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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nails For Summer

Have you heard about Pronails yet? If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably have read some tweets about how much I love this brand. I love how their polishes are almost all one-coaters & their nail art markers are divine to work with. So when they asked me to do translate some summer trends to my nails with their products, I couldn’t refuse. 

So, what’s to know about their summer collections before going on to the nail styles? Well, there are three summer collections: 'London Is Blogging', 'Royal Picnic' & 'A Star Is Born'. Naturally, I’m loving the London-feel to these collections. I absolutely love wearing the colors on their own. As I mentioned these mostly just need one coat, which is perfect for a working girl with little patience like me. But I do like a bit of nail art from time to time, so I came up with some very quick styles for this summer using these nail polishes, krackle polishes & nail art markers. As this is going to be quite picture-heavy, please click through if you’re interested!

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Nail polishes used: Estée Lauder Pure Color Viper, So Easy Stripe Rite Red, So Easy Stripe Rite Green, Fit Flop Powder Pink, Essence Tip Painter, Rimmel London 60 Seconds Red, Essie Luxedo, ProNails N°271, ProNails Nail Art Marker Black

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Pearly Caviar Nails with ProNails

Belgian brand ProNails is providing us with a good dose of color and fun this summer, offering a bunch of different nail styles and nail trends in bright mix and match colors. There’s the Fluffs to Puff kit with fluffy fibers that make your nails look soft and pet-worthy, but also these Cuvée Caviar sets that makes your nails look like yummy candy. I’ll admit that this style has been around for a while, I hear you think that perhaps this is already a bit passé.. But I think it’s still hot. Think of it as ombre hair: it’s still around and we’re no way tired of it yet. And likewise, we’re not tired of funky looking nails for now. 




The ProNails Cuvée Caviar sets come in three different colors, of which I tried Blossom and Fuchsia. There’s also a silver set available. Blossom is absolutely gorgeous featuring a pale white/beige-ish matte nail varnish & mini pearls in three different colors: a pearly white, luxurious gold and soft pink. The Fuchsia set is monotone and has a nail varnish & mini pearls in one and the same hot pink color. I personally like Blossom much more; it gives a bit more depth and is overall ‘prettier’ since it’s so delicate & soft in colors. 



Working these kits is easy enough: apply a first coat of nail varnish to all of your nails & let dry. Then apply a second coat of varnish (nail per nail) and sprinkle the mini pearls all over. Make sure to work nail per nail, since you want the nail polish to be wet enough for the beads to stick to your nail. I’ll admit to having been a bit messy with the Fuchsia kit: I should’ve removed some of the stray pearls on the edges of my nails for a more polished look. I had just one little issue with these sets: the pearl applicator sometimes gets jammed. I took off the nozzle for easier application.

These sets retail for €18.95 and are sold in most ProNails professional salons. A pearl manicure will last you about two days, unless of course you start doing household chores with them. For a full list of salons offering these products, visit the ProNails website

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