Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Big You Day

Today.. It was all about YOU at UPR (and actually today’s also about every other woman on this whole planet). It was so much fun & very informative! Check out the pictures & judge for yourself. image


I got all creative at ProNails using nail art markers, moon stickers & polishes. Their new collection is all about London, and what do you know? I’m also all about London. And since I miss the city loads I decided to make an I Heart London nail. And one with the flag, just because it’s much too obvious not to make it. I adore the nail art markers! It makes special nail art designs so much more easy. 


Watch my friend Tiffany (from the Flair website!) get all artsy at Swatch. I absolutely love the bright colours in this collection! My favorite is the Pink Lacquered Watch. Just because girls just have got to love pink! 

This display is just amazing! DKNY has once again come up with another version of the DKNY Delicious perfume. I immediately fell in love with this colorful display. And look at the gorgeous cupcakes! Right up my alley, indeed. The new line comes in three different variations: Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime & Creamy Lemon Meringue. The scents are very sweet (and that I adore!). In Belgium these’ll be exclusively available at Ici Paris XL.


Loved getting all crafty at Swarovski while sipping some pink bubbles. And check out these bright colored tights! Veritas is launching their own (budget!) line SOXI. Don’t you just love that bright yellow?


Coffee is for the soul. So when the friendly guy at Illy asked me to personalize a can of delicious illy espresso ground coffee, I knew exactly what to do. And the hearts? Well, without coffee there’d be no Isabelle. I love coffee. LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee.


Check out MAC Cosmetics heaven. All together now: Oh My God. By the way, check back  tomorrow for another MAC limited edition update. Can you say V E R A?

Thanks for the lovely iced tea (with loads of ginger!), which I enjoyed during the RITUALS session about their new fragrances (forgot to take a picture, so sorry!). They’ve got some very strong wood (I was going to say Woody, but then I’d need to drag in Buzz as well) scents, as well as a couple of very sweet scents. My favorite is fragrance No. 04, Violet + White Lily. 


And thank you for the lovely presents that warm my heart. image

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Golden flowers & sunshine with L’Occitane Fleur d’Or & Acacia

We tend to reach for heavier & more indulgent fragrances than usual during Fall & especially Winter; although that is not completely necessary. What about a golden flower bouquet that mimics the warm Winter sunshine and hints at the Christmas festivities? L’Occitane added two new scents to their Collection De Grasse for this Winter, of which Fleur d’Or & Acacia is the feminine scent. I’ve been reaching for it so often since I got it.. I can’t resist. It’s downright delicious!

Top notes are Lemon & Bergamot, with a heart of Broom, Mimosa & Acacia and base notes of White Woods & Musk. It’s a lovely light scent that smells like Christmas, warmth and the Winter sun. I like to imagine certain times of the year or persons when trying out new perfumes; and warm, good times are what came to mind. This is definitely not your typical Christmas scent and can be worn all year through, it’s surprisingly light but carries on most of the day so it has an excellent lasting power. As usual there’s a whole line of different products with this scent; from candles to soap bars, body oils, body milk, hand creams and shower gel. And of course the Eau De Toilette. The shower gel contains tiny shimmers and is very foamy, the hand cream is divine as usual (really, if you haven’t tried a hand cream by L’Occitane, now is the time to do so) and I can imagine that it’d be a great idea to layer body milk or oil with the perfume for the ultimate scent and lasting power.

L’Occitane carries various gift sets with a variety of products featuring this lovely scent; from Body Care sets to mini’s or a variety of hand creams. The Eau De Toilette on its own retails for €55 and holds 75ml. Sometimes it’s difficult to buy scents if you’re not too sure of what the person you’re buying for likes; but this is quite a safe option. I’d definitely add this to the ‘emergency gift ideas’ list, it’ll steal anyone’s heart I am sure. View all sets and products on the website here

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Hand Care Survival Guide

With Winter into full effect (although we luckily don’t have a polar vortex here) it’s all hands on deck again (ha) to try and maintain my hands and nails in good shape. While my skin doesn’t usually suffer much from the cold, my hands immediately show cracks and dry patches.. Unless I take consistent proper care of them. I’ve tested heaps of hand creams and while I’ve still got some I need to give a thorough test run (I don’t like to have too many similar products opened at once), I selected my current loves and must-haves that have stayed in my routine during the past few months & years. 

The Bedside Must-Have: Lush Dream Cream (€20.30/£11.25/$26.95 for 240ml): Lush’s Dream Cream has been my go-to bedside hand cream for a year and a half now, and I honestly wouldn’t replace it for the world. Contains oat milk, chamomile oil & rose water to soothe broken skin. Has saved my skin numerous times.. There is nothing that works better for me. This will even work wonders on eczema! 

The Anti-Aging Treatment: Sampar First Hands Cream (€29.00/£30.00/$52.00 for 50ml): Sampar is a French brand built around the lifestyle of the Parisian woman that wants no-nonsense skin care. This First Hands Cream is said to be the first cosmetic alternative to hand rejuvenation with a killer anti-aging formula containing hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of anti-oxidants. It promises to do all sorts of magic like diminishing wrinkles & pigmentation marks, but what I like most is how pleasant this is to massage in & how it sinks in really fast! 

The Handbag Essentials: L’Occitane Hand Cream (€7.50/£8.00/$12.00 for 30ml): I’ve raved about them before and they’ve won loads of skin care prizes.. These little L’Occitane Hand Cream tubes come in different scents and editions and are very easy to take with you on the go. They sink in fast so there’s no waiting until your hands are less sticky. My personal top favourite? The Fleurs Merveilleuses edition. So delicious. 

The Extreme Budget Buy: Delhaize Hand Cream (€2.49 for 100ml): It doesn’t get any more budget than this Hand Cream by Delhaize (a Belgian supermarket). Formulated with cottonseed oil and has an addictive lightly sweet scent. Doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Won’t work wonders in the long run, but provides quick relief for dry and itchy hands.

The Ultimate Rescuer: Rituals Miracle Balm (€10.00/£10.00/$17.00 for 75ml): For the extremely dry hands that need some very thorough and nourishing TLC with this glycerin based super thick hand balm. Can be used as a mask as well: apply a thick layer and leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then tissue of the residue. Does contain quite some silicones which leaves a greasy film around the hands, but it doesn’t get sticky.

All products mentioned can be found in stores as we speak, and if you’re quick you might even snatch some of those delicious L’Occitane hand creams on sale as the special Winter editions are up for grabs at -50% now.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Most Divine Body Cream Ever (& it smells like roses!)

L'Occitane Ultra Soft Cream Rose Heart

Right. I had the mother of all body creams sitting in my bathroom cabinet since December, but since I’m a bit of a bodycreamoholic I didn’t allow myself to start using it until a week or two ago. L’Occitane released some new body creams in January, just in time for the beginning of Spring. This new Ultra Soft Cream is a lighter version of their Ultra Rich Body Cream, but still containing 10% shea butter. There are several scents (the other two smell like lime and vanilla), and I got the utterly DELICIOUS Rose Heart variation. This stuff seriously rocks and smells like heaven.

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