Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lush Introduction

Last week I got an introduction to the world of Lush. Yes, I admit.. I hadn’t really used LUSH until I found a small jar of Dream Cream in last month’s Glossybox. That cream completely blew me away. I’ve been having really dry hands for years now & nothing seemed to work. One week of Dream Cream & the chaps on my knuckles were gone. Amazing! I got myself three full size products now, as an introduction. And I’m very sure that in the near future I will add some products to this small collection! Lush is 100% vegetarian, 81% vegan & 70% free of preservatives. They very actively and openly campaign against animal testing. You can find pictures of their latest demonstration here

Left to right: Dream Cream full size, Angels On Bare Skin full size, Lemony Flutter full size, Dream Wash sample, Turkish Delight sample, Dark Angels sample. 

So the Dream Cream really is a dream cream! I paid €18.95 for a jar of 240ml. As I only use this on my hands, this should last me a year or so. This is also a really good cream for people suffering for eczema! So what makes this baby so lovely? Oat milk, rose water, organic extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, chamomile blue oil, tea trea oil & lavender oil give this product its amazing properties! Only downside? It also contains methylparaben & propylparaben. However, these are the last two ingredients noted so the dosage will be low.

This gorgeous product is called Angels On Bare Skin, and costs €9.50 for 100 grams. And trust me, if angels would be able to dance on your skin this would be exactly how it’d feel like! It’s all natural (really, there’s nothing chemical in there!) and has a light scrubbing feature next to its thorough cleansing feature. The main ingredients working their magic are: ground almonds, kaolin (white clay), lavender oil, rose absolute, chamomile blue oil, tagetes oil & lavender flowers. I use it twice a week (you shouldn’t scrub daily) & I enjoy it so much. My skin feels refreshed afterwards and after the little time that I’ve had this my face -especially my troubled chin area- has already improved. You should keep it in the fridge though, as it’s so natural!

Lemony Flutter is what everyone has been telling me to use in my battle against weak & peeling nails. Nail care starts at the cuticles! I paid just €9.95 for 50 grams, which will surely last me a year. The lemony (what’s in a name, right?) smell is intoxicating, but in a good way! The main purpose of Lemony Flutter is using it as a cuticle cream, but if you’ve got rough spots anywhere else on your body this cream will gladly work its magic there as well. This lemony goodness gets its magic from these ingredients: fresh organic lemon infusion, shea butter, beeswax, organic cold pressed avocado oil, organic cold pressed flaxseed oil, mango butter, extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil, organic cold pressed wheatgerm oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, tagetes oil, chamomile blue oil & gardenia extract. It’s a very thick cream using little water so your skin can absorb the precious oils.

I haven’t used the samples yet, except for Dream Wash which is as lovely as the Dream Cream. I’d really recommend it for people with dry skin. Turkish Delight is a shower smoothie with a strong smell & Dark Angels is more or less the same as Angels On Bare Skin but intended for people with oily skin. Take your time to visit or for more information on the products & prices in your region. Visit if you live elsewhere & want to select your region. 

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Hand Care Survival Guide

With Winter into full effect (although we luckily don’t have a polar vortex here) it’s all hands on deck again (ha) to try and maintain my hands and nails in good shape. While my skin doesn’t usually suffer much from the cold, my hands immediately show cracks and dry patches.. Unless I take consistent proper care of them. I’ve tested heaps of hand creams and while I’ve still got some I need to give a thorough test run (I don’t like to have too many similar products opened at once), I selected my current loves and must-haves that have stayed in my routine during the past few months & years. 

The Bedside Must-Have: Lush Dream Cream (€20.30/£11.25/$26.95 for 240ml): Lush’s Dream Cream has been my go-to bedside hand cream for a year and a half now, and I honestly wouldn’t replace it for the world. Contains oat milk, chamomile oil & rose water to soothe broken skin. Has saved my skin numerous times.. There is nothing that works better for me. This will even work wonders on eczema! 

The Anti-Aging Treatment: Sampar First Hands Cream (€29.00/£30.00/$52.00 for 50ml): Sampar is a French brand built around the lifestyle of the Parisian woman that wants no-nonsense skin care. This First Hands Cream is said to be the first cosmetic alternative to hand rejuvenation with a killer anti-aging formula containing hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of anti-oxidants. It promises to do all sorts of magic like diminishing wrinkles & pigmentation marks, but what I like most is how pleasant this is to massage in & how it sinks in really fast! 

The Handbag Essentials: L’Occitane Hand Cream (€7.50/£8.00/$12.00 for 30ml): I’ve raved about them before and they’ve won loads of skin care prizes.. These little L’Occitane Hand Cream tubes come in different scents and editions and are very easy to take with you on the go. They sink in fast so there’s no waiting until your hands are less sticky. My personal top favourite? The Fleurs Merveilleuses edition. So delicious. 

The Extreme Budget Buy: Delhaize Hand Cream (€2.49 for 100ml): It doesn’t get any more budget than this Hand Cream by Delhaize (a Belgian supermarket). Formulated with cottonseed oil and has an addictive lightly sweet scent. Doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Won’t work wonders in the long run, but provides quick relief for dry and itchy hands.

The Ultimate Rescuer: Rituals Miracle Balm (€10.00/£10.00/$17.00 for 75ml): For the extremely dry hands that need some very thorough and nourishing TLC with this glycerin based super thick hand balm. Can be used as a mask as well: apply a thick layer and leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then tissue of the residue. Does contain quite some silicones which leaves a greasy film around the hands, but it doesn’t get sticky.

All products mentioned can be found in stores as we speak, and if you’re quick you might even snatch some of those delicious L’Occitane hand creams on sale as the special Winter editions are up for grabs at -50% now.

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