Friday, 18 April 2014

The HD Brows Report

There’s no need to lecture you on the importance of eyebrows, I’m quite sure. They frame your face, bring out your eyes & it’s a small thing to do that actually can make quite a big difference. I’ve been doing my eyebrows myself ever since I started working full time since I just couldn’t imagine finding the time for an appointment on an already always busy Saturday. Lately I had been growing them out as well because I did go overboard in the past, but it still left me unsatisfied. I watched a YouTube video once about HD brows, but after some quick research I learned that no-one here in Belgium practiced the technique at the time and I looked no further. Fast forward to about a month ago, when aesthetician Ilse e-mailed me that she’s followed a bunch of official HD Brows courses in the UK and is now the one and only Master in HD Brows in Belgium. And whether I wanted to try the technique out, perhaps? Well duh. Nothing like a healthy dose of curiosity to get me to book an appointment on a Saturday morning. Cause I’m always in the mood for some perfect eyebrows.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Guerlain’s Gorgeous Sun Celebration

Guerlain Sun Celebration Bronzer & Blush

Seriously. This Guerlain Sun Celebration Bronzer & Blush thing is one of the most beautiful bronzer/blush palettes e-ver. It doesn’t really look like a palette, but this compact holds three shades: one bronzer shade & two blush shades. The bronzer is a quite dark & pigmented brown shade with a good hint of orange that’s most noticeable on lighter skin tones; while the blushes are very different from each other containing a tangerine orange shade and a hot pink shade. All of them are matte - hallelujah! The pretty gold overspray will disappear after one or two uses - I even intentionally brushed it away as I did not feel for golden flecks on top of my bronzer. Admitted though - it looks gorgeous on first sight. The packaging & design overall is just super pretty, a true eye-catcher in this year’s Summer collections. Guerlain went all out on this one with a reason though: they’re celebrating 30 years of Terracotta

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Monday, 14 April 2014

New (Short!) Hair + Laura Mercier Lip Glacé


Ten days or so ago I all of the sudden had the urge to chop off quite some of my locks again.. For no apparent reason. So I did what any impulsive Pinterest obsessed girl would do: I quickly had it cut before I could change my mind. It resulted into a short but mostly very pretty curly do for a special work event..  It was pretty much perfect. But then of course there comes a day you need to wash it and style it yourself. I like to call that day Judgement Day, because you never really know if you like a new haircut until you’ve styled it all by yourself. Right?

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Friday, 11 April 2014


I go through different clothing/makeup/perfume moods all of the time, so I figured it’d be a nice little recurring topic to feature here on the blog. // I’ve lately been very smitten with Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, it’s probably my very favourite perfume today. Suitable for all occasions, I wear this one to work, for drinks, during lazy evenings & to important events. An all-rounder, but incredibly sophisticated. This really is an imaginary little black dress that’ll make you feel grand! // The new Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Daiquiri has been tucked into my purse ever since it landed there. Expect a detailed post soon, as this baby definitely deserves its own post. Gorgeous non-sticky lips, yes please. // Last week I saw ELLE Belgium post an Instagram of the new Tamagotchi’s and a few days later I got one as a gift from my boyfriend. He’s got one too and we’re probably way too old to even have these, but whatever. // Clothingwise I’ve been wearing black & white print t-shirts a lot lately, combined with some skinny jeans. Not very innovative or original, but mostly just plain effortlessly chic. One of my favourite plain print tee brands is Cheap Monday - I got to order a bunch of their t-shirts on Zalando during the sales which put me in a pretty chipper mood indeed (thanks, Zalando!) The one featured in this post reads HELLO HELLO HOW LOW & is still available here at -40% off if you fancy getting it too. // Lastly I’m madly in love with my now Rock Clutch by Zadig & Voltaire. It’s just.. Perfect. There are no other words!

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice & some picture fun


Cacharel’s Anaïs Anaïs - it’s a scent that makes you yearn for the eighties even though you weren’t born yet (well, for most of the eighties anyway). After the first two additions to the Anaïs Anaïs line (Eau Légère in 2006 & the Flower Edition in 2007), there’s now a completely new version available: Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice. The result? A playful, fruity floral scent that dries down beautifully. It turns out to be the perfect adaptation of the powdery original for the young girls of today.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

A Gorgeous Natural Glow with &Other Stories

&Other Stories Total Tint in Applebloom Pink

&Other Stories is coming to Belgium very soon and I couldn’t be happier! First of all I absolutely love their clothing and accessories, and next to that they also have an amazing beauty line. I’ve already bought some essentials in their store in London (such as a divine body lotion & a really good blending brush), but there’s always room for more. Always! The complete beauty line-up will be available in both of the Belgian stores: there’ll be one in Antwerp and one in Brussels. Ka-ching! I’m sure a lot of girls can hardly wait - just like me. I got this highlight/blusher stick called Total Tint a few weeks ago as a little preview and it’s again a perfect example of the great quality of &Other Stories’ makeup. 

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Most Divine Body Cream Ever (& it smells like roses!)

L'Occitane Ultra Soft Cream Rose Heart

Right. I had the mother of all body creams sitting in my bathroom cabinet since December, but since I’m a bit of a bodycreamoholic I didn’t allow myself to start using it until a week or two ago. L’Occitane released some new body creams in January, just in time for the beginning of Spring. This new Ultra Soft Cream is a lighter version of their Ultra Rich Body Cream, but still containing 10% shea butter. There are several scents (the other two smell like lime and vanilla), and I got the utterly DELICIOUS Rose Heart variation. This stuff seriously rocks and smells like heaven.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Big Wild Hair + WIN!


My hair & volume.. They’re not best buddies. Nine out of ten times I try to add some oomph to my hair, it falls flat again within minutes. Those easy breezy texturising sprays? Hopeless on my locks. So what I really need is something a little bit heavier, which doesn’t make everything all crunchy and icky. In came L’Oréal Professionnel's new Wild Stylers products, with products like Crêpage de Chignon and Depolish to add that oomph that I’ve really been looking for. 

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Monday, 31 March 2014

The Newest Lippie: Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Lip Envy

estée lauder pure color lip envy

Alright, time to get blogging properly again - I’ve slacked somewhat in the past weeks and I’ve missed you. I’ll try and produce more posts again in April, pinky swear! And is there a better way than to start with a post about new lipsticks? Lippies are a girl’s best friend - along with designer handbags and a good concealer, of course. Two weeks ago I was invited to discover the latest addition to the Estée Lauder lip family - the Pure Color Lip Envy lipsticks. They feel & look a whole lot different than their predecessors and there’s a huge shade range to choose from, so what’s up with these?

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chanel’s Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend

Chanel Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend

Sorry for having been absent for a few days - I’ve surely missed you. I’m glad to have finally found the time to relax and write this post, I’ve been meaning to make more time for the blog but sometimes things pop up even though you don’t want them to. In any case, I’d like to tell you about Chanel's skin care regimen Les Temps Essentiels and how it’s been serving me today - it’s been a long time coming as I had already given you a peek in my last skin care update here. I strongly feel about thoroughly testing skin care before featuring them here, which is why this article took me awhile. The trio is basically an addition to your current skin care regimen, as all three are serums that you should use together with whatever other products you’d usually apply. They don’t have to be by Chanel - this can perk up any routine.

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